Seeing Red...

Recently when I look in the mirror I've been dissatisfied with my hair. It's not that I dislike the cut of it, its that the colour is a little... lack lustre. Upon realising this, I started to think about what colour I'd like it to be, and the choice came to either a darker, richer brown or a more vibrant red. I didn't want to go quite as red as I did last time, but I still wanted a distinct red tinge to my hair. So, when I traipsed around Superdrug scouring the hair colours for the perfect hue, I found this, and thought WAHEY!

Dear readers, I give you...

I absolutely can't wait to use it! Though I had to nip to Primark to buy a crap towel to use so I didn't ruin one of my nice (expensive!) ones! I got one in the sale for £4, so I was happy as Larry however!

Ta ta for now!


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