Becoming Ariel.

Well, I finally did it! I dyed my hair red, a red I totally didn't expect aha! Its so red right now, I feel like Ariel out of the Little Mermaid! I'm impressed with the dye I've used (Superdrug's Colour Vibrance in Hot Red 77:44), up to now. I'll have to see how quick the colour fades, but I have to say, its not taken the shine out of my hair like the last dye I used, plus it was only £3.49! It took weeks to make my hair get back to its shiny self last time, which I wasn't happy about although I absolutely adored the colour it gave me (I used Revlons Coloursilk hair colour, in Bright Auburn).

Here's a picture of how it looks now!
 This picture was taken in natural sunlight, without a flash!

 And this picture was taken inside, with a flash (I think :S)

I'm glad I dyed it now, I think its a nice colour! What do you think?

UPDATE:- This colour has lasted forever!! I actually love it. It has faded a bit, so its not super bright red like it is in these pictures but it is stil definitely red, and in fact I like the colour better now!!

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