In Search of Long Nails...

As you probably know, I am a serial nail biter. I just can't help gnawing on my nails - it's like a nervous tick. The only way I can get around the problem of chewing them is by having false nails put on. So the other day I decided to splash my cash on some lovely long nails.

Don't they look great? I've only ever had gel nails done before, so I was a bit concerned about getting acrylics, especially as I've heard that they're worse for your nails than gel (and trust me, I don't need any more damage to my nails). However, I'm pleased with the results, and am shocked at how big a change long nails can make to your hands! My fingers look longer and more elegant! Hmm... I can see myself becoming hooked on getting them done, which doesn't bode well for my bank account, especially as I'm supposed to be saving up for a trip to Korea!

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