A Rather Surprising Find...

I was raiding my mums makeup draw before and came across this little gem - a Barbra Daly eyeshadow in Twig. When I saw it, it instantly transported me back to my childhood, when roller ball eye shadows were all the rage. Because it piqued my interest so much I decided to give it a go, and was more than pleasantly surprised.

The colour is a warm pale taupe, flecked with gold sparkly bits. The longevity isn't great without a primer, but of course with a primer its wear time multiplies exponentially. It only takes about two seconds to apply - all you have to do is sweep it across you lids and then blend with a big fluffy brush a little and voila! A perfect daytime neutral eye.

I don't know how much my mum paid for this (I wouldn't have thought a lot), or even if it is still available, however if it is and you happen to come across it, I highly suggest you buy one. I would be sorry if it isn't available, because it is a really pretty shade, though maybe someone might know a dupe for this?