Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eye Shadows

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe it's already come and gone; time is just flying by!

The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eye shadows are absolutely beautiful. I got three; Fantasme (white), Mirifique (black) and Illusoire (a strange colour between purple and grey). They have a strange texture, a mixture between a mousse and a gel. The brush they come with is good, it is usable as an eyeshadow brush and is fantastic as an eyeliner brush, but when I put them on as an eyeshadow I used a round tipped flat brush to spread them more evenly. The pigmentation is perfect; there's enough so that you can do a dusting of colour but enough so that you can build it up into an intense pop without using shed loads of product.

Mirifique probably has the best pigmentation - it is such a deep black that is saturated with glitter so you look like you're wearing the night sky on your eyelids. In fact, if you apply this heavily it gives an almost wet, foiled effect there's so much glitter. Illusoire has the least amount of shimmer to it, making it more of an everyday product than the others, though this doesn't mean it isn't full of glitter, it's just less obvious. Fantasme is like you've gathered up snowflakes and made an eyeshadow out of them, it's just stunning. It is chock full of glitter and looks lovely as just a wash over the lids. On to the swatches....

Mirifique packed on.

Can I also just point out that these last on your eyelids forever as well. I have the kind of skin that makeup just slides off, but when I applied these without a primer they lasted for hours and hours. I was so impressed. All in all, these are eye shadows worth splurging on, and if you're hesitent about spending so much money on them I think you should take note about being able to wear them without primer, so you're saving money there!

On an entirely different note, I hope you all have a fabulous New Year, and enjoy health, wealth and happiness! :)


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